It’s difficult to describe in words just how beautiful the islands off Phuket are. Rugged cliffs bordering pure white sandy beaches with aqua-marine waters that are crystal clear are truly a sight to behold. The good news is that getting to see the islands is made as easy as possible for you and is very affordable too.


Speedboats can be hired privately for your group and are generally the fastest way to travel over sea to the islands. They will cost a little more than using a ferry service but for some the lower travelling time is worth the extra expense. Remember though that speedboats can be an uncomfortable way to travel when the seas are rough.


Ferry is the cheapest way to travel to the islands, and also the slowest. Many people though are in no rush to speed past the stunning sights they encounter so are more than happy to cruise along at a leisurely pace. Ferries to the various islands leave regularly and timetables can be found at local tour operators.


Organised cruises

One of the best ways to enjoy the islands is on an organised cruise that will take you to the best spots. Snorkeling cruises in particular are very popular as they take you to where the corals are at their best and you can get close to some amazing marine life. Organised cruises will also often include lunch and drinks so you don’t have to go hungry on your day trip in paradise.