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Similan Islands

It can be easy to think that people over talk the natural beauty of Phuket and the surrounding area, but then the stunning views are one of the standout aspects of the island. Soft sandy beaches bordering crystal clear waters are a dream come true for many holiday makers and even Phuket’s most developed beach, Patong beach, is a tropical paradise that many other locations around the world simply cannot compete with.

Relatively speaking however, and despite Patong beach’s stunning beauty, there are even more amazing sights to be seen in the region. Some 84 KMs from Phuket and 50KMs from Thailand’s mainland coastline you will find yourself in the epitome of a tropical paradise known as the Similan Islands. The islands are very strictly controlled by the Thai government and the length of stay on the island is limited. As such, visitors will find that the islands are blissfully underdeveloped with only a few small bungalow resorts available for anybody that wishes to stay overnight.

In a world of paradise that is relatively untouched by man you would probably expect the island to be rich in wildlife, and you will not be disappointed. Such is the richness and diversity of the marine life around the island that they are considered to be among the top 10 diving sites on the planet and diving fanatics come in their droves to explore the world beneath the waves.

Although some of the better dive sites are closed to the public for conservation reasons, there are still some fantastic diving opportunities to be enjoyed. Some rare turtle species call the area home and some of the islands are also closed to the public as they are popular nesting sites for turtles in the region. The coral reefs are inhabited by numerous marine creatures displaying every colour in the spectrum, and divers will find themselves surrounded by fishes and other creatures that will often approach you to get a closer look. Visitors may also be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of enormous whale sharks as they pass through on their travels, while on land bird lovers will be excited at the prospect of spotting the rare Nicobar Pigeon.

As you would expect from a place that grants such limited access to the public, you will find stunning white sandy beaches and in the evenings a refreshing breeze will come in from the ocean that will help to cool you down. If you want to spend some time in absolute peace and tranquillity with expansive hotels and crowds of people, it doesn’t get better than the Similan Islands Thailand.

If you would like to visit the islands then you should bear in mind that the Similan Islands are a national park and are completely closed between the 1st May and the 1st November. During this time no tours are allowed to any of the islands or the surrounding corals and any operators offering to take you there will be doing so illegally. Visit Thailand at the right time of year when visitors are allowed, however, and you will find yourself in a tropical paradise quite unlike any other.


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