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Phuket Nightlife

Thailand is famous across the world, notably for its fantastic beaches and corals reefs, golden temples, a delicious cuisine and warm welcome. These are things that have had visitors coming to Thailand and Phuket in their droves over the years, and reasons many visitors choose to return time and time again. Another thing that many holiday makers look for on their holidays is the chance to let their hair down and have some fun once the sun has gone down. Thailand’s vibrant nightlife is another attraction that brings overseas visitors in numbers and many people come for the nightlife alone. If you are looking for a holiday where you can party all night long until the sun comes up, Phuket Thailand is the place to be.

If you are looking for pubs and bars that will be open all night long, Soi Bangla is the place to be. By daytime, Soi Bangla is a strip popular among people looking for bargains from stalls and people looking for a bite to eat. By night time, the strip transforms into a hedonist’s paradise with both sides of the street thronging with bars pumping out loud music. With literally hundreds of bars to choose from there is no shortage of places to drink, neither is there any shortage of local ladies looking to welcome you in and show you a good time. With drinks flowing and at very affordable prices, any party animal will be able to carry on until they can last no more.

Away from the hectic Soi Bangla, Phuket is also home to more pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants that provide night time entertainment to holiday makers and locals alike. English and Irish style pubs offer a good selection of beers and ales along with menus offering traditional pub grub and filling meals. Many of the pubs will also have live music occasionally providing even more entertainment when the sun has gone down. Karaoke is very popular in Thailand so you could always try finding a karaoke bar where you can have a drink and try your best attempt at being Elvis for the night. If you would like somewhere quieter to have a drink and relax, most restaurants will be happy to serve you with drinks for as long as they are open.

Most Phuket hotels will also have a bar of their own so you don’t have to venture out too far if you don’t want to. Your hotel should also be able to recommend night spots to visit and many will also help you to book trips to experience what there is to see and do at night. If you have the family with you then shows and in particular Simon cabaret will keep everybody entertained. If you have had a long day and are feeling tired then you could always choose to just stay at the hotel for the night instead. You could relax sat around the pool, or maybe on your balcony, and get yourself ready for the next busy day ahead.  


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