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Phang Nga Bay

Visitors to Phang Nga Bay are likely to get a sense of déjà vu as they take in the amazing natural scenery. The limestone cliffs jutting out from the clear blue waters are such a spectacle that they could be mistaken for something that would be found on a movie set, and you could be forgiven for thinking so because it once was a movie set. So dramatic is the scenery that it was chosen as a site to shoot the James Bond Movie ‘The Man With a Golden Gun’, and as such has become immortalised as a site that many people will recognise in an instant.

Being home to a world famous filming location is not all that Phang Nga Bay has to offer as visitors are immersed in a region that is considered by many to be the most beautiful on the planet. Visitors can take leisurely cruises around the limestone cliffs including the most famous of them all, James Bond Island. If you would like to take in the sights at your own leisure then you could hire a kayak and make your own route around the bay. More intrepid explorers might choose to take a tour of the caves and guides are available to show you the highlights what there is to see.

Of course, no trip to Thailand’s coast is complete without a trip to the beach and Phang Nga Bay has many secluded beaches for you to enjoy. The waters here are warm and soothing to float in and they are so clear that you can see the ocean bottom even when the water is deep. With perfect water in a tropical location you should expect to find many marine species in Phang Nga Bay and you will not be disappointed. Coral reefs offer refuge to whole eco-systems beneath the surface and you could be mistaken for thinking at times that you are in a giant aquarium.

Such spectacular scenery has made Phang Nga Bay and the surrounding region a major international destination, so you will not be short of places to stay and things to do. You should be sure not to miss out on the fantastic original Thai cuisine but should it be a little too spicy for you, there will always be a restaurant serving international dishes nearby. Activities include water sports and you will also find plenty to do inland, such as mountain biking and treks through lush tropical jungle on the back of majestic elephants.

Visitors will not have any difficulty in finding accommodation to suit them either as Thailand and the region has been welcoming visitors from afar for many years. Whether you are a backpacker on a shoestring budget, or you have greater flexibility in what you can afford, there will be accommodation that is just right for you. The amazing natural beauty of the area attracts even the very rich and famous so you can expect to find accommodation that is among the best you will find anywhere on the planet.

If you would like to experience a holiday that has plenty to do, suitable accommodation and is a treat to your visual senses Phang Nga Bay is among the best destinations you can choose.  


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