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Old Phuket Town

In addition to the sun, sea, sand and naughty nightlife there is another side to Phuket that sadly many visitors miss out on. That people have been coming to the island from far and wide is not a new phenomenon as Phuket has for long been attracting visitors from across the planet for generations. This means that the island does have its own history and much of this history can be found evidenced on the Islands man population centre, Phuket Town.

While modern visitors come for holidays to explore the fantastic beaches and to make the most of the glorious weather, in the past they would have visited for very different reasons. In days gone by Phuket was a major international trading hub, with seafaring traders navigating the globe to make the most of the delights that Phuket town had to offer. Rich in tin, furs and rubber Phuket became a wealthy island and this past wealth can still be seen with colonial grand buildings that still stand to this day.

With the island’s tin attracting Europeans, in particular the English and Portuguese, you will find architecture of a European style in the old district of Phuket Town. One of the finest examples of this is Baan Chinpracha which was built in 1903. The mansion is in excellent condition, with some of the original furnishings and fittings still present. The owner of the home keeps much of it open to visitors, allowing us to get an idea of how it must have been to live in Phuket Thailand at the time.

As the Chinese have for long held considerable influence in the region, you will see many examples of Chinese architecture and culture throughout Phuket Town. The Chinese influence has remained strong and many of the shop houses have signs written in Chinese and many beautiful Chinese Buddhist temples can also be found around the town. The town also retains its heritage as a centre of trade and shops 100 years old can be found selling many different goods to passers-by. A shopping expedition around Phuket Town will leave you with many trinkets that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

In amongst the old part of the Town, visitors will find modern additions that help to make a great time. New, modern restaurants serving fine dishes from around the world stand side by side with smaller eateries selling authentic local cuisine. Phuket City is a very cosmopolitan town so you can expect to be able to find something for everybody with a huge range of restaurants selling all manner of dishes and shopping opportunities that will be appreciated by people from all walks of life.

Because of the other attractions that Phuket and the surrounding area has to offer it is understandable that visitors may miss out on experiencing and learning about Phuket's illustrious history. A walk around the old town can really help to give you an idea of how life was in the days of sail boats and colonial powers. A trip to the old town is something that nobody should miss out on and it is easily reached from elsewhere on the island.


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