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Koh Panyee

As a tropical paradise with exquisite beaches, a rich and diverse culture, welcoming people and a world of new experiences Phuket Thailand is a place that has something to offer to everybody. With so much to do and so many sights to see however, it is unfortunate that many people will miss out on much of what Phuket does have to offer. With time limitations meaning that we can only get to do so much, it is a shame that we are often unable to fit more into the time we have available.

One way to experience more however is to experience more than one thing at the same time and this can be done with a visit to nearby Koh Panyee. Koh Panyee is quite unique in that it is a village that has been built on stilts and is still very much operational today. Created some 200 years ago, the village has expanded over the years and only a small part of it is on solid ground. The people living at the village are more than happy to receive visitors and they will gladly go about their daily lives as tourists watch them carrying out their daily chores. The village even has its own mosque, school and fitness centre and a market selling goods to the locals and to any visitors that may wish to buy something. Perhaps most amazing of all however is that the village even has a floating football pitch which is home to one of Thailand’s most successful southern youth teams.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities at the village with shops stocked with local arts and crafts for visitors to take back home with them. As you would expect from a village that is literally built over the sea, the seafood served in the restaurants is among the best you will find in the region.

The journey there alone is an amazing experience as you navigate the limestone rocks that jut out from the waters of Phang Na Bay. Phang Na bay is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful natural sights on the planet so you are sure to be in for a real treat. Long tail boats can be taken from Phuket directly to Koh Panyee and the scenic journey will take approximately 20 minutes, although at times you may wish that the journey took longer.

With a visit to Koh Panyee you are able to fit in many experiences into just one trip helping you to experience more of what Thailand has to offer. The people there are very used to having strangers being among their day to day lives and have no objections to visitors taking photographs. The village is a very colourful place which will make for some great snaps to add to the album. If you would like to get immersed in a unique and authentic culture while also making the most of the stunning scenery the region has to offer, a trip to Koh Panyee should be high on your list of things to do.  


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