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Banyan Tree Resort

If it is absolute luxury you are looking for on one of the world’s most beautiful natural paradise locations the Banyan Tree Resort Phuket is hard to beat, literally. Ranked 2nd among resorts throughout Asia and 8th in the list of all resorts on the planet, you know that you will be staying in the lap of luxury and will have a time you will never forget. As a resort that is able to boast such esteemed accolades the Banyan Tree should be high on the list of anybody’s considerations.

The Banyan Tree Resort Phuket is located on a larger, highly exclusive resort, the Laguna Beach resort. The Laguna Beach resort is a collection of some of the world’s finest hotels so you can expect to have the very finest facilities and amenities nearby. The beach itself is among the finest you will find with soft white sands overlooking the warm, azure waters of the Andaman. The beach is also among the least frequented on the island and at times it can seem as though you have the entire beach all to yourself.

What really helps to confirm that you are sitting in the lap of luxury at the Banyan Tree Resort are the exquisitely appointed villas with everything you can need. The private villas even have their own private pools so you and your family can enjoy complete solitude and isolation and few other resorts can offer. Modern conveniences within the villas also help to make your stay as comfortable as possible with top of the range entertainment systems, cooking facilities and comfortable living rooms. If you do prefer privacy you could simply sit around your own private pool all day long, or if it is a rainy day you can just relax inside your villa or perhaps use other facilities on the resort.

If you wish to do more than just sit around the pool or on the beach then there is plenty else to do. The Banyan Tree Resort has a range of activities that are aimed at providing relaxation and rejuvenation to help you to feel invigorated and back to your best again. Young people would enjoy activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving and sailing whereas those among us that are looking for a more sedate time will enjoy meditation classes, Thai, Chi, aerobics and getting preened and pampered at the spa.

Guests at the Banyan Tree Resort are also free to use other facilities available on the Laguna Beach resort, with complimentary shuttle buses available to take you to other parts of the 1,000 acre site. Should you wish to venture further and see more if what the island has to offer then they will find it very easy to get around the island to visit the other attractions that make Phuket Thailand as popular as it is among tourists. With so much to do at the resort and beyond, any visit to the Banyan Tree Resort promises to be an experience that the whole family will never forget.  


Emily Wyatt, 2012-08-01

Just booked my honeymoon here :) Looking forward to coming here with my future husband.

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