No trip to Phuket is complete without a trip to the surrounding islands. Whether you wish to go diving or snorkeling or you just want to witness the natural beauty, there is plenty to see and do.

Koh Phi Phi

Perhaps the most famous of all the islands around the Andaman coast and even Thailand, Koh Phi Phi is an experience not to be missed. It is hard to imagine a more beautiful setting than the island of Phi Phi as the island really is a tropical paradise. So beautiful is Phi Phi that it was the location for the filming of ‘The Beach’, something that made the island quite famous. In addition to the astonishing natural beauty of Koh Phi Phi, nearby corals make it a haven for snorkelers that wish to see beautiful tropical fish close up. If snorkeling is not for you then you will still enjoy the stunning beaches that are to be found on the island. Anybody fortunate enough to visit Koh Phi Phi will be astonished at the jaw dropping beauty the area has to offer.

Coral Island

Yes, Coral island is so named for its coral. The island is surrounded by its colourful and abundant reefs which countless species of fish and other marine creatures call home. On land, the island has long stretches of white sandy beaches to relax on and those looking for some action will find various water sports in the area. Coral island is fairly close by, making it ideal for a day trip. So numerous are the fish in the waters surrounding Coral island that you will almost feel as though you are actually swimming in an aquarium. The fish are used to having people around and will often approach you to feed directly from your hands.

Racha Islands

Another popular group of Islands nearby are the Racha islands, yet another pristine tropical paradise. Again with lush coral reefs playing host to a plethora of marine life, the snorkeling and diving opportunities on the islands are superb. The Racha islands also have facilities that make them more suitable for overnight stays than some of the others in the region, meaning you get to spend longer in paradise. If you visit Racha Noi you will find that there is no development in the island at all. Despite their being no services on the island however, visitors still come in numbers to enjoy the island’s natural beauty.


Similan Islands

Some 84 kms from Phuket can be found the Similan islands. There are 9 islands in total the largest of which is Koh Similan and to help preserve the delicate eco-system in the region, some of the Similan Islands are not open to access by tourists.

The waters surrounding the Similan Islands are incredibly rich in marine life making them a magnet for diving fanatics from around the world. The diving and snorkeling opportunities in the Similan islands are so good in fact that they are considered among the top 10 diving sites on the planet.