The beaches of Phuket are one of its main attractions, drawing visitors from far and wide. There are many beaches to enjoy, ranging from expansive stretches of soft white sand thronging with visitors, to smaller beaches that are more remote.

Patong Beach

Most visitors are likely to find themselves on Patong Beach, which fronts the most popular resort town on the island. Although the beach does attract a lot of people, particularly during peak season, it is large enough to accommodate them without the beach becoming overly crowded.

Kamala Beach

If you yearn for a pristine tropical beach away from the crowds, Kamala Beach is for you. North of Patong this long stretch of sand attracts far fewer visitors, even during the high season, making it ideal for anybody that wants to live the quiet life.

Karon Beach

Another long stretch of sand known as Karon Beach can be found just south of Patong beach. It is a stunning beach that is popular among families and is great for water activities. If you have a family and you would like a quiet yet friendly beach with everything you need nearby, Karon Beach would be just right for you.

Kata Beach

Another beach popular among families is Kata Beach, which can be found south of Karon Beach. The nearby nightlife is idea for people that would like to enjoy a drink or two but without the hectic action of Patong. The beach really comes to life between May and October as surfers flock to the beach to enjoy the excellent waves that roll ashore.

Chalong Bay

Although quite picturesque, Chalong Bay is not really a place that is suitable for swimming and beach activities. Instead, it used as a place to anchor boats and the pier gives access to many of the cruises and boat trips in the region. A number of restaurants can be found in Chalong and the bay is fronted with bars and cafes that make for a quiet and scenic night out.

Bang Tao Bay

Bang Tao has been developed as a more exclusive resort on the island, and just about everything here is dedicated toward 5 star luxury and relaxation. As home to some of the finest hotels that can be found, you can expect some of the dining here to also be very good. If you are looking to stay at Bang Tao Bay or you are looking to visit for the evening, be prepared to spend a bit more than usual.

Kung Bay

As an area that has seen limited development, Kung Bay is a great place for people that would like to get closer to nature. There are hotels on the bay and visitors should have little difficulty in finding something to eat and drink.

Layan Beach

One of the lesser known beaches is Layan beach which is ideal for people that are looking for a little tranquillity. Accommodation in the area is at the higher end of the scale and a restaurant serving great food can be found at the southern end of the beach.

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach is another undeveloped stretch of sand that is ideal for bathers that would like somewhere quiet to relax. It is also home to a popular diving and snorkelling spot and a mask, snorkel and flippers can be rented on the island.

Naithon Beach

Access to Naithon Beach can be challenging, making it a suitable destination only for the fit and healthy. Those that do make the journey however will be rewarded with a beach that many of the locals consider to be Phuket’s most beautiful.

Racha Island

Racha Island is easily accessible from Phuket and has some of the most stunning beaches in the region. If you would like to visit Racha Island speedboats and ferries will take visitors to the island on a daily basis .

Phuket Town

In addition to the beaches on Phuket, the island has other attractions to be enjoyed. Phuket Town has historical attractions to enjoy as well as shopping and plenty of places to eat and drink.