Phuket has three main seasons: The cool season, the hot season and the rainy season. Knowing when these seasons begin and end is key to arriving at a time when the climate is comfortable to you

Cool Season

Don’t be fooled by the term cool season, which runs from November to February, because even during the cool season it is still hot. The temperatures however are much more comfortable than in the hot season and it is also the time of year that sees the least amount of rain fall. The combination of comfortable temperatures and dry weather make the cool season the most popular so expect bigger crowds and higher prices.

Hot Season

The hot season begins in March and ends early May. With the cool season being hot, you would probably expect the hot season to be even hotter, in which case you would be right. Although the hot season is still generally dry, the uncomfortably high temperatures deter many from visiting and the crowds begin to fall away. The island is still quite busy however, partly because prices begin to drop to encourage visitors to continue coming.


Rainy Season

No prizes for guessing why the rainy season is called the rainy season. Around May the rains arrive, and they arrive with a vengeance, staying until late October with May, September and October being particularly wet. Although the temperatures are still quite hot during the rainy season, the rainfall means that outdoor activities are often out of the question. In spite of the rains, the rainy season is the best time to visit Phuket, Thailand for some tourists because prices are lower and there are fewer crowds around.